Vancouver Public Schools offers comprehensive benefits packages for eligible part- and full-time employees 

Vancouver Public Schools emplyees

Most Vancouver Public Schools employees have a comprehensive pay package. It is personally unique, depending on the individual situation.

Base pay is determined by skills, talents, experience and job performance.

Benefits include health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. Full-time and part-time employees may participate in Vancouver Public Schools benefits, with eligibility for most benefits beginning shortly after hire.

Retirement made easy via the state of Washington Department of Retirement Systems and through payroll deduction and Vancouver Public Schools’ contribution.


Go to Washington State Health Care Authority to find details on plans, networks, and costs. If you are looking specifically to compare available medical plans, it’s helpful to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents available online. These documents are also available in hard copy format, please contact the Benefits Office at 360-313-1080 or to request.

As a new employee, you should receive information from Human Resources regarding your eligibility for benefits. This will include details on enrollment and deadlines.

You will need to call the appropriate insurance company. Go to Washington State Health Care Authority to find contact information.

Go to Washington State Heatlth Care Authority to find details on plans, networks, and costs.

Children can be covered until the end of the month in which they turn 26.

You will need to contact the employee benefits office at for instructions.

Yes. COBRA information will be sent to the dependent after the employee removes him/her from the plan.

Yes, a Flexible Spending Medical Account and Dependent Care Assistance Plan are available every year. Open enrollment for the plans is generally held in November for an effective date of January 1. The plans are administered by Navia. To download claim forms, go to the Navia website.

Standard Insurance Company administers disability claims.

You may email the employee benefits office at or call 360-313-1080.

Open enrollment is approximately four weeks in late October/November. During open enrollment, you may switch medical plans, add dependents and spouses and add or drop plans in your benefit package. These changes will be effective the following January 1.

Yes. You have 60 days from the date of birth to add a newborn or add new family members in the event of marriage. You will need to contact the employee benefits office at for more information.

Yes. There are additional life insurance plans, accidental death and dismemberment, additional long-term disability insurance, and long-term care insurance you can add during open enrollment. These plans are voluntary and have additional costs.

The employee benefits office can assist you. Please email or call 360-313-1080 for more information.

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