Fir Grove/Vista is one of several schools that will be rebuilt, thanks to local voter approval of a bond measure on Feb. 14, 2017.

To begin the planning process, the district held a symposium on Nov. 30 to gather ideas from staff members. Planning teams of staff members and architects then translated the key themes into the following concept designs. Concept designs and illustrations are artistic conceptual drawings only. They do not reflect final school design plans.

  • fir grove, vista, bond, construction, planning
  • fir grove, vista, bond, construction, planning

A welcoming lobby embraces students, staff members and visitors into a community school that takes a nurturing, holistic approach toward the academic, social and emotional success of students. Adjacent to the lobby, an enhanced Family-Community Resource Center offers services to families such as a food and clothing pantry; life-skills and parenting classes; and counseling in an attractive, welcoming setting.

In the school wings, dedicated classrooms are grouped according to age, with elementary students in one area and middle and high school students in another. Nearby each classroom are informal small group areas and spaces for one-on-one instruction. Each wing is inwardly focused around a courtyard, giving children opportunities to observe and experience nature. Each courtyard provides a variety of age-appropriate sensory elements in a safe setting.

Shared areas include a café, media center, specialized makerspace classrooms and a gym. The gym provides space for regular physical fitness activities such as basketball, as well as an adjacent space for sensory activities. The gym opens toward the rear of the site, providing access to the outdoors, including a play field.

Download and view concept 1 as a PDF.

  • fir grove, vista, bond, construction, planning
  • fir grove, vista, bond, construction, planning

The entrance provides a public face for the building, welcoming in families and the community. Adjacent to the entry lobby, an enhanced Family-Community Resource Center offers services such as counseling and life-skills and parenting classes. A large storefront allows Fir Grove to provide a retail setting for food and clothing, as well as the opportunity to sell items such as vegetables grown in the school garden.

The school wing is arranged in clusters of age-based classrooms. In each cluster are four classrooms, shared teacher offices and an ample collaboration space. All the classroom clusters are placed around a large courtyard area with distinct spaces for active play and quiet contemplation. At the far end of the courtyard lies the airy, open commons, which can be used as the school café and for other activities. The commons has direct access to both the courtyard and an exterior patio, providing natural light and views of nature.

Other shared areas include a media center, maker/collaboration space and student reward center. At the north end of the building is a full-size gym with adjacent sensory fitness rooms and access to a play field.

Download and view concept 2 as a PDF.

An extensive review and planning will assess feasibility and affordability and hone the concepts into more detailed plans.

Thanks to voter approval of a bond measure, rebuilding Fir Grove is slated to begin in July 2020, depending on contractor availability, bond cash flow and other circumstances.

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