The AllHere app development team

Two student teams from Skyview High School participated in the Youth Apps Challenge on June 4. They joined 13 other finalist teams, selected from more than 150 entries from across Washington state, and exhibited and pitched their mobile apps on the University of Washington campus to a panel of judges from Google, the city of Seattle and Comcast.

The Skyview-created apps included:

  • AllHere, a mobile-ready web app to help group or activity leaders track member attendance in a distributed way, decentralizing the work of keeping attendance records. Josh Harmon, Austin Bryant, Bailey Reaves, Monica Patanne, Jacob Pugsley and Maggie Simons created AllHere.

The School Tools app development team

  • School Tools, created by Douglas Graham, Jake Hardison and Ryan Wheelock, which provides middle and high school students with an organized place to plan for classes, calculate GPA and track credits
  • Each student was awarded a Kindle Fire tablet.

    The Skyview students developed their apps as part of an after-school research class that met once per week from October to the end of May. Tyler McKell and Kim Hansen served as the advisers/teachers. Participation in and presentation of the research project fulfilled one of the requirements of graduating from the SMT magnet program.

    The Youth Apps Challenge is a two-part program run by the Seattle-based nonprofit Technology Alliance. The challenge introduces both teachers and students to programming, inspiring them to take interest in computer science through mobile app development. The program includes teacher training as well as the contest.

    (Photos courtesy of Kim Hansen.)