On Sept. 23, approximately 45 students from Columbia River, Fort Vancouver, Hudson’s Bay, Lewis and Clark, and Skyview high schools; Vancouver School of Arts and Academics; iTech Preparatory; Vancouver Home Connection; and Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy convened at the Robert C. Bates Center for Educational Leadership to participate in the first of two strategic planning symposia.


Working in small groups with district leaders and key personnel, the students, who represented a diverse mix of programs and activities, reflected on their school experiences as they relate to the plan’s six goal areas. Both strengths and opportunities for improvement were addressed.


The symposium also offered a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with peers at different schools. Said Columbia River sophomore Paxton Charles, “There were times in the discussion when all the kids agreed, though we all go to different schools and participate in different programs. When you have something in common, it feels like you’re united.”