What we do

The purchasing department oversees the acquisition of goods and services to ensure district schools and departments have the necessary materials, supplies and equipment to prepare all students for college, careers and life. The purchasing department strives to accomplish its goals while exercising professional ethics and best business practices throughout the entire procurement process. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Purchasing: Acquire goods and services in support of district operational activities; develop, evaluate and execute invitations to bid, requests for proposals and quotations; and manage printing services
  • Contracting: Develop, execute, review and manage contracts for goods and services
  • Textbook management: Acquire, warehouse and inventory textbooks; replenish textbooks; deliver textbooks to schools; and monitor loss and damage to textbooks
  • Warehouse receiving and distribution: Manage inventory of commonly used supplies; central receiving, distribution and mail service; food cart distribution of community service equipment; and surplus book and equipment programs
Dave HurtPurchasing manager
Sandi MarshSecretary
Lori HuffmanFiscal clerk
Patricia ChiFiscal clerk

Purchasing guide

The purchasing department strives to ensure that all businesses have an equitable opportunity to compete for the district’s procurement opportunities. This guide seeks to encourage, direct and assist bidders in doing business with the district and also to help foster understanding of the district’s purchasing system and aid bidders in becoming more active participants.

The purchasing department is directly or indirectly responsible for the procurement of all materials, supplies, equipment and printing services for all schools and departments of the district.