The following changes in administration will take place in July for the 2021-22 school year. All personnel assignments are subject to final approval by the school board. 

Vancouver Public Schools will open two new elementary schools in the fall of 2022. Vancouver Innovation, Technology and Arts Elementary School is under construction at 1111 Fort Vancouver Way. In addition, a neighborhood school will be built at NE 25th Avenue and 88th Street. A planning principal will oversee program development and hiring for both schools during the 2021-22 school year. 

VITA and NE 25th Ave. elementary schools

  • Planning principal: Jennifer Blechschmidt, current principal at Eisenhower Elementary 

Anderson Elementary School

  • Principal: Brent Harrison Bardo—From Harmony Public Schools in Houston, Texas, where he has served as an elementary principal, teacher, intervention specialist and director of academics 
  • Associate principal: Denisse Barba—Currently a middle school assistant principal in the North Clackamas School District. Barba was a dual language teacher at Anderson for five years before taking a position in North Clackamas.
  • Associate principal: Kevin Coffey—Current dean of students at Anderson Elementary; Coffey will serve as associate principal at both Anderson and Sacajawea elementary schools.

Chinook Elementary School

  • Associate principal: Amos (AJ) Brown—Currently an elementary associate principal at Federal Way School District; he previously served in VPS as a math teacher and dean of students at Gaiser Middle School

Eisenhower Elementary School

  • Principal: Craig Homnick—Current principal at Lincoln Elementary 

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School

  • Associate principal: Dana Re-Bloom—Currently a teacher on special assignment and administrative intern in Clover Park School District

Lake Shore Elementary School

  • Principal: Anna Supplee—Current associate principal at Anderson Elementary, will take the lead at Lake Shore following the resignation of Starlet Stone at the end of the school year.  

Lincoln Elementary School

  • Principal: Steve Lindblom–Current principal at Vancouver Flex Academy

Roosevelt Elementary School

  • Principal: Jill MacKenzie—Current associate principal at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

Sacajawea Elementary School

  • Associate principal: Kevin Coffey—Current dean of students at Anderson Elementary; will serve as associate principal at both Anderson and Sacajawea elementary schools

Truman Elementary School

  • Principal: Lee Gunter—Current associate principal at Truman Elementary
  • Associate principal: Connie Hogan—Current associate principal at Anderson and Sacajawea 

Walnut Grove Elementary School

  • Principal: Katie Arkoosh—Current principal at Anderson Elementary
  • Associate principal: Jody ViDelco—Current principal at Jason Lee Middle School

Gaiser Middle School

  • Principal: Esteban Delgadillo—Current principal at Walnut Grove Elementary
  • Associate principal: Katherine Howard—Currently a middle school associate principal at North Clackamas School District; will take the associate position following the retirement of Sheri Backous

Jason Lee Middle School

  • Principal: Megan Vickery—Current principal at Roosevelt Elementary

Vancouver Flex Academy

  • Principal: Abby Davis—Current principal at Gaiser Middle School

Lieser Campus

  • Associate principal: Kathleen Paradis—Current dean of students at Fort Vancouver High School; will take the associate principal position following the retirement of Anita Chase

Jim Parsley Center

  • Executive director for teaching and learning: Kristie Lindholm—Currently the senior director in the Office of School Improvement at Portland Public Schools; named executive director for teaching and learning following the announced retirement of Debra Hale in June
  • Director of IT infrastructure and operations: Trevor Dodson—Previously the senior director of IT infrastructure and operations at Lewis and Clark College in Portland (employment approved at the April 13 school board meeting)