• Craig Witt, Bart Corcoran, Ray Fross, Dale Manor, Sergey Fabyanchuk, Nicole Daltoso, Nick Hunziker, Bradley Johnson, Mike Rodgers
  • Nick Hunziker, Tresa France, Pete Borchers, Buzz Marsh and Kevin Thomas

Grid photo, top row, from left: Craig Witt, Bart Corcoran, Ray Fross; middle row: Dale Manor, Sergey Fabyanchuk, Nicole Daltoso; bottom row: Nick Hunziker, Bradley Johnson, Mike Rodgers. Second photo, from left: Nick Hunziker, Tresa France, Pete Borchers, Buzz Marsh, Kevin Thomas

Staff honored for service to schools, community

Fourteen members of Vancouver Public Schools’ facility support services department, which maintains school buildings and grounds, were honored at the department’s annual seminar on June 29. The following staff members were recognized for their service to their school, the district and the Vancouver community.

Appreciation Award: Ray Fross

Ray goes to great lengths to help plan the facilities support services department’s annual seminars. To ensure that his co-workers are shown a high level of appreciation, he solicits raffle prizes from vendors. His commitment to the seminar is unwavering.

Community Service Award: Tresa France, Pete Borchers, Nick Hunziker, Nicole Daltoso and AJ Panter

When a school bus veered off the road near the facility support service center to avoid hitting another vehicle that crossed the yellow lines, these five sprang into action. AJ and Nicole quickly notified the appropriate district departments and responded to the scene of the accident, where they were joined by Pete, Tresa and Nick. The team provide first aid to the driver of the other vehicle and worked with first responders to care for the students.

Community Service Award: Kevin Thomas and Buzz Marsh

While driving from one site to another to perform fire alarm testing, Buzz Marsh and Kevin Thomas witnessed a car hit a barrier. The two immediately stopped to assess the situation and ensure the safety of those involved. They contacted first responders and waited at the scene until the first responders arrived.

Pivotal Safety Award: Nick Hunziker

Nick advocates for safety through his role on the department’s safety committee and his proactive approach. When Nick witnessed a fall protection concern, he worked with staff to address the hazard. He also was part of a group that presented the idea to outfit maintenance vehicles with cones that mark parking areas to ensure a safe exit. Nick continues to play a vital role in the safety of staff, the district and greater community.

Living the Vision Award: Sergey Fabyanchuk

Sergey tackles tasks with a great attitude. He provides consistent updates on projects and stays current with a multitude of requests despite working independently. His general demeanor, positive attitude and sense of humor continue to match the department’s vision for providing first-rate service.

Living the Vision Award: Craig Witt

Craig worked with the Welding/Fabrication Technology Program at Fort Vancouver High School to develop a program for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building. Three maintenance workers spent the day at Fort learning welding techniques from students enrolled in the program. This program provided an opportunity for students and adults to learn from one another.

Living the Vision Award: Bradley Johnson

When a dispute arose over a gym rental, Bradley displayed the utmost professionalism and calmly responded to an upset community member. Bradley’s approach led to a satisfactory resolution. Bradley demonstrated that exemplary service can be provided in even tense situations.

Core Values Award: Mike Rodgers

Mike is mindful of staff, students and the community when making decisions and completing tasks in his building. He leads the way in fulfilling the core values of professionalism, dedication and trustworthiness.

Core Values Award: Nicole Daltoso

Nicole leads a variety of safety efforts, from the committee to the hazard mitigation program. She also serves on the department’s leadership and core and culture teams. Nicole has developed a high level of trust with her co-workers, who know they can share safety concerns and she will address them in a timely manner.

Gary DeJager “Pro Bowl” Service Award: Dale Manor

Although his workload has grown over the years, Dale has retained his ability to complete tasks on time and maintain a positive attitude. He treats everyone with respect and kindness and is the department’s answer guy for nearly every issue.

Gary DeJager “Pro Bowl” Service Award: Bart Corcoran

Bart leads by example and inspires others to work alongside him. He speaks positively about others and does everything he can to empower them. His co-workers say that they always look forward to working with him.