You may have read or heard that China is experiencing an outbreak of respiratory illness. Coronavirus cases have been detected in a number of countries and in the United States.

At this time, however, the immediate risk to the general public in Washington state and the United States is considered to be low. There is no evidence that the coronavirus is spreading in Washington state at this time. Most people in Washington state are not considered at risk and do not need to seek medical evaluation for the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not recommended any restrictions for people without coronavirus symptoms who arrived in the U.S. from China before Feb. 2. More than two weeks earlier, on Jan. 16, students from Shanghai—several hundred miles from Wuhan City, where the outbreak began—visited Roosevelt Elementary, Franklin Elementary and Vancouver School of Arts and Academics.

The CDC recommends that anyone traveling from China to the U.S. after Feb. 2 stay at home, away from others, and monitor their health for 14 days.

The Washington State Department of Health has advised schools to continue taking normal precautions for preventing the spread of germs in schools.

Vancouver Public Schools has been in contact with Clark County Public Health and has not been advised to take additional precautions. VPS will continue to take normal precautions, monitor schools and follow the recommendations of the local and state departments of health.

For more information on the coronavirus, please visit the Washington State Department of Health website or call 800-525-0127 and press #.