Integrated pest management, or IPM, is an ecological approach to controlling unwanted vegetation, plant diseases and pest populations by the use of preventive and non-chemical methods that minimize risks to human health and the environment. With IPM concepts in mind, the district uses preventive and non-chemical methods of control first. These control methods are recorded, monitored, repeated when necessary and evaluated to determine their degree of success. If the desired effect is not achieved, other methods are considered. When alternative methods have been employed, evaluated and determined to be unsuccessful, chemical controls may be used as a last resort. When chemical controls are used, the notification, posting and recordkeeping practices described below are implemented.

What’s required

State law (RCW 17.21.415) requires schools to comply with notification, pre-notification, posting and recordkeeping for pesticide applications.


Upon request, the district will provide written notification describing the district’s pest control policies, methods and posting and notification requirements.


At least 48 hours before a pesticide application to school facilities, the district will notify parents and staff in writing. The notification will include the product name of pesticide applied, intended date and time of application, location of application, pest to be controlled and contact information.

Pre-notification requirements do not apply to any emergency application for the control of any pest that poses an immediate health or safety threat, such as stinging insects.

A pre-notification will not occur if the application is made when the school is not occupied by students for at least two consecutive days after the application.


For applications to school structures (exterior and interior), posting(s) will be placed at the front entry of the school and at the location of the application 48 hours prior. For applications to school grounds, posting(s) will be placed at each primary point of entry to the school grounds. The posting will include the product name of pesticide applied, date and time of application, location of application, pest to be controlled and contact information.

Notification posting signs will remain in place for at least 24 hours from the time the application was completed.


The district will keep an annual summary of all recorded applications which can be made available to interested persons who contact the facilities support service center (see contact information in sidebar).


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