Our Emergency Response Terms

Standard Response Protocol

We use Standard Response Protocol terms and instructions when responding to situations that may arise in our schools, including emergencies. This helps to ensure everyone has a shared understanding of the steps we are taking to respond.  This helps students, staff and first responders immediately know what is happening and what to do. 

It’s important that we are all familiar with these terms so we know what they mean when we use them at our schools and buildings. 

This Standard Response Protocol was developed by the I Love U Guys foundation and many of our neighboring school districts are using these same terms as well. All of us using the same terms and responses helps us better support students, families, first responders, and our community. 

How the SRP works

The Standard Response Protocol is simple: there are five different actions we may take to respond to an incident. 

When people who are responding to the situation communicate the specific action, they will also offer a directive that provides clear instructions. The communications are shared with active participants, including students, staff, teachers and first responders.


To learn more about the Standard Response Protocol or the “I Love U Guys Foundations”, visit https://iloveuguys.org/

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