Air quality

Due to an increase in regional wildfires in recent years, we closely monitor air quality and take the appropriate steps to keep students and staff safe. 

To check the air quality and get the current update visit the Department of Ecology’s website.

Poor air quality may result in the following:

  • Indoor P.E. classes
  • Indoor recess and sports practices
  • Extra ventilation measures in school buildings and on buses
  • Other schedule and/or operational changes such as closures, late starts/delays and early releases

Additional accommodations may be in place for students who have health conditions such as asthma, respiratory infections, heart and lung diseases or diabetes.

Air Quality and School-Related Outdoor Activities

Washington Children and Youth Activities Guide for Air Quality

Making the decision

Before making any changes to school operations, we consult local and regional sources including Airnow.govThe decision to close schools or delay opening them is taken seriously, with the safety of students and staff as the top priority.

Please be sure your contact information is up-to-date so you receive immediate notice of any changes to the schedule.


Washington State Department of Health air quality guide

Washington Air Quality guide for particle pollution