Curriculum and instruction guides: Elementary

Elementary grade-level expectations

What a student should know: K-5

You can help your child succeed by understanding what he or she is learning at school and supporting those activities at home. Grade-level expectations describe what a student should know and be able to do in all subject areas. Teachers focus curriculum, instruction and assessments on grade-level expectations.

If you have questions about specific classroom activities or school programs, please contact your child’s teacher.

Assessing learning

Teachers collect information about what students know and can do in various ways:

  • Direct observations of performance
  • Reviews of written work and assignments
  • Formal assessments, including district and state tests

Test results and other information about student learning are shared with parents through conferences, report cards and special reports.

Reporting practices

Each elementary school reports to parents four times per year. The first report, received during fall conferences, will address personal and social development, work habits and study skills, as well as recommendations for student learning. In addition, an individual report card will be provided to parents at the end of each trimester.

Questions about reporting practices and/or assessments of your child’s learning should be directed to his or her classroom teacher.

Curriculum guides

These guides are designed to give you an overview of what your child will be learning at each grade level.