What we do: Support school administrators through shaping a vision and cultivating leadership

We support school administrators through:

  • Facilitating a dynamic learning community to promote a shared vision of universal student achievement
  • Cultivating shared responsibility toward continuous learning and growth in instructional quality
  • Developing a culture of collective responsibility for student learning
  • Balancing instructional leadership and management of resources to improve student learning
  • Collaboratively establishing and adapting a culture of instructional excellence and innovation

Framework we use


Mike Stromme, Deputy Superintendent360-313-1201


Debra Hale, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1010
All elementary schools
Jim Gray, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1011
All middle and high schools
Tamara Shoup, Executive Director of School Support Services360-313-1284
Student welfare, Family and community engagement, Family-Community Resource Centers, and the Office of Education Ombudsman