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What we do: Support school administrators through shaping a vision and cultivating leadership

We support school administrators through:

  • Facilitating a dynamic learning community to promote a shared vision of universal student achievement
  • Cultivating shared responsibility toward continuous learning and growth in instructional quality
  • Developing a culture of collective responsibility for student learning
  • Balancing instructional leadership and management of resources to improve student learning
  • Collaboratively establishing and adapting a culture of instructional excellence and innovation

Framework we use


Travis Campbell, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer360-313-1201


Debra Hale, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1010
Anderson, Chinook, Eisenhower, Felida, Franklin, Fruit Valley, Hazel Dell, Hough, Lake Shore, Lincoln, Minnehaha, Sacajawea, Salmon Creek, Truman, Walnut Grove and Washington elementary schools
Doug Hood, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1010
King, Harney, Marshall, Ogden and Roosevelt elementary schools and Alki, Discovery, Gaiser, Jason Lee, Jefferson and McLoughlin middle schools
Chris Olsen, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1011
Columbia River, Fort Vancouver, Hudson’s Bay and Skyview high schools; Vancouver Flex Academy, iTech Preparatory, School of Arts and Academics; and the Lieser Campus and branch campuses
Kym Tyelyn-Carlson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning360-313-1284
Equity initiative, student welfare and attendance office, Family-Community Resource Centers, School Climate Transformation grant, guidance counselor leadership, K-12 Learning Institute and Section 504 compliance