VPS benefits team

Pictured from left: Nancy Scott, Nicole Dornan and Teri Musa-Jones

Helping more than 3,000 employees manage their health insurance plans and other benefits is a complex job. Luckily for Vancouver Public Schools employees, Nicole Dornan, Teri Musa-Jones and Nancy Scott are dedicated, determined professionals.

In a typical year, up to 20% of employees make changes to their medical, dental, vision and other plans. However, all Washington state school employees are moving to new plans in 2020. To make the transition seamless, the benefits team dedicated themselves to being thoroughly trained. Then they spent countless hours assisting their colleagues from across the district with the enrollment processes, answering questions and sending helpful reminders of upcoming deadlines. Despite the heavy workload, they faced each day with smiles and positive attitudes. By the deadline, 99% of employees had successfully enrolled in new plans. These three ladies are an awesome team!