After earning awards at the regional level, art created by three Vancouver Public Schools students advanced to the 47th annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show. The show, held virtually this year, also featured a Vancouver student’s choreography and dance performance.


“Catacombs” by Alyssa MaggiVancouver School of Arts and Academics junior Alyssa Maggi won a Jurors’ Choice Award for her piece “Catacombs.” Only four pieces, including Maggi’s, were selected for jurors’ awards. Crystal Zeller is Maggi’s teacher.

Maggi was inspired by the skulls displayed in the Paris Catacombs. Juror Ginger Ewing, executive director of the nonprofit arts organization Terrain, praised Maggi’s artistic choices and execution of concept.

Watch the presentation of Maggi’s award on Facebook and her discussion of her piece (begins around the 21:30 mark).

“The New World Doesn’t Have Color” and “Stream”

Peyton Carrasco, “The New World Doesn’t Have Color”
“Stream” by Sophia Pacheco

Among the 113 pieces of visual art selected for the state show were “The New World Doesn’t Have Color,” pictured on left, and “Stream.”

“The New World Doesn’t Have Color” is a mixed media piece by Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies sophomore Peyton Carrasco. Joanne Andrew is Carrasco’s art teacher.

“Stream” is a digital art piece by Sophia Pacheco, a junior at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. Crystal Zeller is her teacher.

“I’ve Been Here Before”

This year’s art show also included disciplines beyond visual art for the first time. Vancouver School of Arts and Academics junior Anna Carr was featured performing the dance she choreographed titled “I’ve Been Here Before.” It was designed to be performed in small spaces. Carr developed the work during quarantine as part of a remote learning assignment for teacher Jackie Sacks’ dance class.