In just five years, Ogden Elementary Secretary Traicy Brent has quickly distinguished herself as a talented professional. She received the district’s Employee Excellence Award last year. Now she is the region’s Classified School Employee of the Year and one of only four classified VPS staff members to hold this title.

Here she shares her thoughts on what makes Ogden outstanding and the joys of her role.

Traicy BrentFavorite thing about the school:
From the moment you walk in to the building until you walk out you feel like it is a family. There could be several things happening at the same time, but in the midst of busy times, there is still the feeling of community.

Proudest moment on the job:
The first day of school when we moved into the new building! It was so chaotic. The office finally had furniture and we moved into it two days before we had open house, and we all worked so hard to make the first day great. It was an amazing first day of school for our students!

What’s the best aspect of your role?
My relationship with my building goes beyond my desk. It is about the daily connection I have with students, staff, parents and the community that gives my role joy.

What’s one thing about it that might surprise people?
The questions and issues that come up on a daily basis are so wide-ranging. From not only parents, but also students and staff. Secretaries wear various hats on a daily basis and sometimes at the same time!

A few words that describe you:
Patient, friendly and level-headed.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
Jogging, walking and spending time with my 7-year old.

Serving VPS families and colleagues is a family affair. Brent’s mother, Victoria Bernal, has worked as a district interpreter/translator for the past 16 years. Said Bernal, “My daughter Traicy has always enjoyed assisting others, whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or students. Her ability to help others comes from her kind personality, which has helped her succeed in her role as a VPS secretary. I am so proud of her.”

The state Classified School Employee of the Year will be announced later this spring.