Programs of choice and magnet programs


One size does not fit all

Vancouver Public Schools believes in choices. That’s why our magnet programs and programs of choice provide options for students in sixth through 12th grades. What is your interest at school? The arts? Science? Using computers? Working with your hands? Magnets and programs of choice are designed to help you discover your unique gifts and unleash your potential. Research shows when students are engaged in their learning, they are excited about school. So review your choices and discover your passion.

Application process

Enrollment in magnet programs and programs of choice is free, but students must apply for admission, with the exception of the Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies. Each program has a unique deadline and requirements. Please refer to the individual program page to learn more.

Applications for all programs should be submitted via the online application system during the application period (which typically begins in mid-January). Some programs also require letters of recommendation. Students may apply for more than one program. If the deadline to apply has passed, please inquire about availability by contacting the relevant coordinator.

Students who live within Vancouver Public Schools’ boundaries will be given priority over students from other districts. Transportation is provided for in-district students.

Parents and prospective students are also invited to attend an open house during application season or contact the school at which the program is located.

“A significant portion of my success I attribute to Vancouver Public Schools. I am lucky to have been a part of such an outstanding school district with a wide variety of programs available to its students.”

— Dr. Veronica Henson (Columbia River High School ’08; associate degree, Clark College ’08; bachelor’s degree, Western Washington University ’10; doctorate in audiology, Washington University in St. Louis ’14)

“One of the things that the district does very well is meet the needs of individual students through the programs of choice.”

— Michelle Giovannozzi, director of the Center for Executive and Professional Education at Portland State University

“Vancouver Public Schools continues to work upstream in the field of education. A commitment to creating innovative solutions at every level of the organization has produced world-class programs and opportunities for students.”

— Sharon Pesut, community member and Partners in Careers executive director

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