Alumni collaborate to support school through new foundation

This fall, Fort Vancouver High School formally launched its Center for International Studies, a school-wide program that focuses on cultivating a global citizenry and teaching the student population how to investigate the world, recognize different perspectives, communicate ideas and take action. The CIS has a strong base of supporters in a group that knows the school well: its alumni.

In fact, it was a group of alums reminiscing in summer 2014 about their love for their alma mater that led to the creation of the new Trappers4Trappers foundation, whose mission is to engage alumni in supporting current students, teachers and activities.

An early act of the foundation was to raise money for the Center for International Studies’ travel fund to help promote global learning. The class of 1975 collected $1,055 at its 40th reunion in August and presented the donation to the school at an assembly on Sept. 4. Trappers4Trappers also co-sponsored an alumni barbecue that night with the Hudson’s Bay Foundation and sponsored a rooter bus for students to attend the annual Peace Pipe football game between the two schools.

The support won’t be strictly financial, however. Foundation members hope to connect alumni, especially those who have global experiences, with current students to provide internship and mentoring opportunities. There’s also an effort underway to create a hallway of distinguished alumni by fall 2016.

For one Trapper alum, the foundation is a chance to give back to a school that, in many ways, is the same as the one she attended.

“Fort has a culture of respect, courteousness and generosity of spirit,” said foundation member Kelly Click Christel. “The demographics are different, but the Trapper spirit is the same.”


  • Judi Thiessen Bailey, class of ’75
  • Andy Berhow, class of ’81
  • Kelly Click Christel, class of ’75
  • Allison Darke: Fort Vancouver resource coordinator for international studies and world language programs
  • Tom DeLeo, P’13, P’16
  • AnnMarie Taylor Haldeman, class of ’83
  • Jay Haldeman, class of ’81
  • Andrea Johnson, Fort Vancouver travel coordinator
  • Kori Kemp, class of ’92, P’11, P’17
  • Ben Kemp, P’11, P’17
  • Julie Merlino Pagel, class of ’79
  • Marsha Rasmussen
  • Randy Tilley, P’16

*P’ denotes a parent and his or her child’s graduation year