Students from Gaiser Middle School and Vancouver iTech Preparatory collected several awards at the Middle School Media Festival.

Gaiser’s Maverik Large and Camryn Jennings won the Teacher’s Choice award for their stop-motion film “Watch Me.”

“The Coven,” by Gaiser students Erin Sherman, Kira Baybayan, Olivia Christianson and Vanessa Leavitt, received the Grand Jury Prize, given by industry professionals, including a video-journalist from The Oregonian. Their adviser is Karina Tobin.

Watch Gaiser’s award-winning films.

Gaiser submitted 80 videos overall. In addition to “Watch Me” and “The Coven,” the school’s submissions selected for screening included:

  • “Sorry – music video” by Junior Dominguez, Ryan Patterson and Rogelio Orozco-Estrada
  • “The Crash” by Trinity Harmon, Joseline Corrales, Kristine Gamble, Faith Torres and Taylor Ziegenfuss
  • “Patti News Video” by Jacob Patti and Jason Griffin
  • “Stop Motion” by Dezzie Villalobos and Evelina Pitchenko
  • “Snail” by Gamble and Torres
  • “Stickman: The Game” by Isaac Brown and Saint Malakai

In addition, “Beyond the Blast,” created by iTech students Annika Hamilton, Olivia McNabb, Mya Raunig, Mailei Brodniak and Kassandra Vogel, was selected for the festival. Their adviser is John Zingale.

Stella Orr, Catalina Loeung and Dash Minick’s film “Rather Die” also was selected for the festival and won a Teacher’s Choice Award. The film was created for the iTech students’ health/PE class with teacher Gabe Nunez.

Watch the award-winning “Rather Die.”

The students’ films were screened at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon, in May.

(Photos courtesy of Karina Tobin and John Zingale)