itech preparatory, STEM

From left: Amelia Wickstead, Carlos Mercado, Damion McLoone and Alexa Roemer of the Magnetic Motor team. Not pictured: Darlene Gray.

Teams from Skyview High School and Vancouver iTech Preparatory received a slew of awards at the 2016 Imagine Tomorrow competition, held May 20 through May 22 on the Washington State University campus in Pullman.

The Magnetic Motor project from iTech Prep earned second place in the technology division of the Boeing Aerospace Challenge, which tasked teams with reducing the demand on resources and infrastructure in the aerospace industry. The team includes Carlos Mercado, Alexa Roemer, Darlene Gray, Damion McLoone and Amelia Wickstead. For their efforts, each member received $200. The team also received $1,000 for the school.

In the same challenge and division, the SASS project from iTech Prep received an honorable mention, as well as $100 for each student team member and $500 for the school. The team is comprised of Zachary Sandoval, Matthew Bade and Hana Haque.

itech preparatory, STEM

The SASS team. From left: Hana Haque, Matthew Bade and Zachary Sandoval

Meanwhile, an iTech team won first place for its Giving Green project in the McKinstry Built Environment Challenge, technology division, devising improvements and sustainability-enhancing measures for infrastructure. This team includes Jared Morales, Abigail Hughes, Matthew Robinson, Kyle Rule and Cody Smith. Each student team member received $300, and the school received $1,500. Giving Green also secured the Most Innovative Award, given to the project that judges deemed the most inventive.

The iTech teams are coached by Tom Wolverton.

skyview, stem, imagine tomorrow

Skyview High School’s Imagine Tomorrow team, from left: Chloe Richter, Jahan Khan, adviser Nate Macon, Brandon San and Cameron Foreman. Photo courtesy of Brandon San.

itech preparatory, STEM

The Giving Green team, from left: Jared Morales, Cody Smith, Abigail Hughes and Kyle Rule. Not pictured: Matthew Robinson. All iTech photos courtesy of Tom Wolverton.

Skyview High School’s Cameron Foreman, Brandon San, Chloe Richter and Jahan Khan nabbed first place in the design division of the McKinstry challenge, earning $300 for each student team member and $1,500 for the school with its Renewable Plastic (HDPE and LDPE) Roadways project. The project also was named the Advisors’ Favorite.

The Skyview team is coached by Darin DeGrande, Nate Macon, Scott Manier and Kurt Schmidt.

More than 120 teams and 30 schools from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana participated in the Imagine Tomorrow competition.