As part of its ongoing efforts to document the work of innovative school districts around the country, Digital Promise has published a multimedia case study spotlighting how teacher-librarians at Vancouver Public Schools in Washington state are helping to lead the district through its digital transformation.

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age” is the latest in a series of case studies produced by Digital Promise that showcase the successes and challenges of members of the League of Innovative Schools. The case study features video, photography, graphics, and other resources, with the goal of providing a blueprint to assist other districts and educators in tackling key issues.

“Innovation isn’t just about technology, it’s about learning from each other,” said Sara Schapiro, director of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, a national coalition of 57 school districts improving outcomes for students through learning technology. “Vancouver Public Schools is a leader in education innovation and we’re excited to help them share their story.”

At a time when many districts are cutting back on library services, Vancouver Public Schools has emerged as a national model for how to reinvent the teacher-librarian role for the 21st century. VPS is in the beginning stages of a digital learning initiative to provide all teachers and students in grades 3-12 with an electronic device in a flexible learning environment, and a personalized digital curriculum.

“Ubiquitous leadership is vital to the success of our digital transformation in Vancouver Public Schools,” said Steve Webb, superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools. “We’re empowering our professional staff to lead and teach in ways that will produce future-ready graduates.”

No longer just the keepers of books, VPS teacher-librarians have emerged as leaders in connecting teachers with effective digital resources, educating students on digital responsibility, and supporting efficient introduction of technology to the classroom.

“This study offers educational leaders a way to think differently about teacher-librarians and the leadership roles they can play in 21st-century schools,” said Mark Ray, director of instructional technology and library services at Vancouver Public Schools. “VPS has invested in teacher-librarians because our district understands the ways in which these professionals can lead, teach, and support both students and teachers as part of a broader vision for digital transformation.”

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